Happy Spring at ZombieZoo

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Things are warming up and spring is in the air, so…. Hip-pity hop on over to the ZombieZootique to get the best price on plush and books!

Happy Turkey Day Sale!

Happy Turkey Day

Happy Turkey Day

The little ZombieZoo critters are preparing for Turkey Day. They plan on being with family this year. Their family is growing with new friends and new children. What are you going to be doing this holiday? We (the Zookeeper and all) would love to hear from you. Do you have a photo of you and your ZombieZoo plush?

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Happy Holidays from ZombieZoo!

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ZombieZoo for the Holidays!

ZombieZoo for the Holidays!

Happy Holidays ZombieZoo fans! If you click on over to the ZombieZootique there is a super Holiday Sale going on! All items 10% off or more for the month of December and FREE SHIPPING on all orders $50 or more!

Now is the time to pick out the perfect ZombieZoo character for yourself or a special one for the holidays. Each ZombieZoo resident has their own personality. Have some fun and read the bios of each character and match them up to someone you might know. Also the new book “Where’s Boo?” is also on sale. The book and a plush makes a wonderful gift!

While you are at the ZombieZootique, sign up for our store newsletter so you can get updates on sales and products. There will be specials going on through-out the month. Yeah!


And the Winner Is…..

needle the camel

Thanks so much for all the fans that entered and suggested names for our Hump Day Camel. It took a long time to decide who would be the winner because all the names were so clever. The Zookeeper finally decided and the winner is:
Robin Shane who suggested the name of Needle.

Needle the ZombieZoo Camel

13 x 19 Archival Giclée Print, Hand Signed by the Creator/ZooKeeper Contest Prize

Have you entered the contest we have going on now? We are asking our friends to name our ZombieZoo camel that will appear each Wednesday on our facebook page.
Enter the Contest

The winner will receive this 13 x 19 archival giclée print, hand signed by the creator/zookeeper.

Name The ZombieZoo Camel

Every Wednesday is Hump Day on ZombieZoo Facebook page. The Zookeeper decided it would be nice to have our very own Hump Day Camel to display each Wednesday on our Facebook page so she drew one for us.
We thought we’d get our fans involved by having a contest to name him.

    Contest Rules:

  • Leave a blog post camel with your suggestion of a name. You can enter as many times as you would like.
  • The Contest closes on July 14 2013 at 11:59 AM EST.
  • The judges will pick three names they think are most original and then the ZooKeeper will make the final decision.
  • Winner will be announced on Wednesday (Hump Day) July 17th.
    • Prize:

  • The Winner will receive an archival giclée print, hand signed by the creator/zookeeper.
    Good Luck and get your ZombieZoo Name Thinking Caps on and enter to win.
  • Brains? Not Just For Zombies Any More!

    Living in some of the Southern states of the U.S.A. has broadened my knowledge of culture and tradition that I never would have learned other wise. Recently I was reflecting on Zombies, brains, and similar interests they may have with the living.

    I remembered a time I was a cook at a restaurant in North Carolina and brains were a popular breakfast on the menu. This restaurant called it O’Henry and though I’m not sure if that is the customary name or just one they made up it is certainly a breakfast a Zombie would love as well.
    This recipe was simple as it started with scrambled eggs and then pork brains were mixed in cooked with the eggs and served.

    Doing a little research I found a company that manufactured canned pork brains.


    Photo credit: http://www.oddballdaily.com/2011/11/03/9-incredibly-bizarre-canned-foods/

    Evidently Pork brains and gravy is popular too. I guess those Zombies don’t know what all they are missing! So now two questions remain.
    1) Have you ever had brains and eggs and what is the name you call the meal?
    2) Do you get the impression that the first Zombie must have come from the Southern States and loved their ‘brains’ even after becoming the undead?

    ZombieZoo Rob Easter Basket Quest

    Easter is on the way and Rob just seems to think zombies are terribly over looked in the basket category. He is volunteering to be the Zombie Easter Mascot but of course he is going to need your help.
    Rob ZombieZoo
    We do have a giveaway going on where you can win a Rob for your basket. There are other options too such as going to the Zombie Zootique and purchasing one. Don’t forget about our mini’s as they are fabulous as there can be multi recipients
    minis zombiezoo clips

    Rob loves his mini me and would love for all his friends to have one.

    ask anything

    Put a ZombieZoo Rob In Your Easter Basket Giveaway.

    Winner: Madonna D

    Rob wants to be in your Easter Basket this year so he talked us into creating a giveaway for his fans. Enter below for your opportunity to win a Rob this year for your Easter Basket or someone you love. So enter to win for your opportunity to win a 15 in high Rob New Classic Plush.
    Good luck!

    South Sudan

    Apple Head Zombie Dolls

    All the ZombieZoo residents thought apples would make such a great zombie doll. Apples continue to age and change through out the years and so what better medium to use than apples right?
    They all gathered in GracieLoo’s kitchen to begin creating.
    ZombieZoo Residents with some apples
    We practiced on one apple to gain experience before creating more. Peel the apple to begin. We also pre-made our lemon solution to dip the apple in before we started carving the face. To make the lemon/salt solution you need:
    2 Tablespoons of lemon and salt in water in a container large enough for the apple to soak.
    ZombieZoo with peeled apple
    lemon salt solution to soak apple
    After it was peeled we shaped a nose and then carved away from the nose and under the cheeks so they are more pronounced as the apple starts shrinking. Cut the wedges by cutting towards the nose as it makes the face slope nicely and smoother for the features.
    cut nose for apple head face
    Use the same principal for forming the chin. Cut wedges under the nose and under the cheeks. Also cut small wedges for eyes.
    apple head face
    Now you can cut slits for the eyes and also a mouth. Form the chin by smoothing the features for a completed face.
    If you are going to form hands and feet from the apple so it will match the face then peel another apple. Don’t put any marks in it just soak the apple then dry it. web secure login domain homes You can cut hands and feet from the apple once it dries out.
    cottage cheese containers make good containers for soaking
    Now it is time to soak the apples in the lemon/salt water. Soak the apples for at least 5 minutes. This will keep the apples from turning brown.
    You can dry them two different ways. You can insert a metal hanger and hang dry the apples or you can let them dry on a rack.
    It is going to take several weeks for the heads to dry so be patient but you can draw costume designs and find beads for the perfect eyes and gathering material for hair.
    GracieLoo’s grand children have graciously volunteered to gather their hair from their hair brushes to donate for everyone’s Zombie Apple Head doll.
    There are a few different ways to make the bodies so we will cover that once the apple heads are dried and ready for a body.
    Get started on your apple head zombie dolls and share your photos with us on our facebook page.